All proceeds will be donated to NANO XMAS TREE who will donate them to Simon on the Streets. Simon on the Streets offers street-based support for the homeless and those in need. Their team work across Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield providing front-line emotional and practical support for those who need it.

For the toy car race, minimum donation 0.1 Nano.

Total Donations: Nano

Thanks to @nanoissuperior, @jaycoxx, @Json and @ktom7. Nano Xmas Tree "" is here on Nano Italia!

TREE - the realization

We designed the NANO comet star and printed it with the 3d printer

Then we built the tree.

The office is finally transformed.

Thanks to all the members of Nano Italia who worked on this project and in particular to:

Andrea @GinoWT, Daniel @Daniel96098037, Fabio Massimo, Flavio @FlavioG72, Ivan @ivdepret, Manuel and Paolo @Saggiolo1971